Minnesota farmer intrigued by carbon market opportunities


Minnesota farmer intrigued by carbon market opportunities

A west-central Minnesota farmer says he’s intrigued by carbon market opportunities.

D.J. VanKlompenburg of Montevideo tells Brownfield he’s been brushing up on the subject.

“In the tractor this spring I’ve been doing my best (and) listened to a few podcasts about the whole carbon market and carbon sequestration, and how that whole process kind of works. And trying to see how our operation might fit into that model.”

The corn and soybean grower also feeds cattle and points to that as potential pathway to carbon credits.

“We’ve got literally a home-grown fertilizer source sitting right here on our yard. And that’s something that we’ve been trying to focus more on is utilizing our manure as a fertilizer resource.”

VanKlompenburg says they’ve been analyzing the manure to identify the nutrient value to better target applications and reduce overall fertilizer use.