Ethanol industry ready to help address shortages


Ethanol industry ready to help address shortages

National Corn Growers Association President John Linder says the ethanol industry is ready to help address the gasoline shortage on the eastern seaboard caused by the Colonial Pipeline shutdown.

“We have idle plants over here ready to step up production if we just got the signals to do it so we can make sure we have the reserves and the available pipeline to not have people wonder where their next fill up is going to come from,” he says.

The Colonial Pipeline has restarted operations and EPA administrator Michael Regan has issued waivers to help alleviate shortages.   

Linder, a farmer from Ohio, says there is an opportunity to help mitigate further risks.

“We’re in this together and we have plenty of really good and environmentally sound fuels today that can fill voids and gaps when they arise,” he says.

In a statement on Thursday, Colonial Pipeline said product delivery has commenced in most of its service area—which spans more than 5,000 miles between Texas and New Jersey.