Colonial Pipeline closure exemplifies need for fuel diversity


Colonial Pipeline closure exemplifies need for fuel diversity

The CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association says the cyberattack and resulting closure of the Colonial Pipeline underscores the need for diversity in the nation’s transportation fuel supply.

“This is unfortunately another example of the risks of putting all of your eggs in one basket.”

Geoff Cooper tells Brownfield the ethanol industry has been working towards this for 40 years, with some success, but more can be done.

“Diversifying the portfolio of transportation fuels that are available to consumers would help insulate them from these types of price shocks and supply disruptions. Over reliance on petroleum has really left our infrastructure vulnerable to exactly this sort of volatility and American consumers are the ones who bear the brunt of that.”

Cooper says as the Biden administration talks about expanding energy infrastructure, he hopes this situation reminds them that ethanol can and should be playing a larger role to ensure energy security.

Interview with Geoff Cooper