USTR outlines ag trade priorities


USTR outlines ag trade priorities

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai has told members of the Senate Finance Committee her office is doing a top-to-bottom review of trade issues with China.

In addition, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley asked Tai if she is addressing Mexico’s non-tariff barriers in its rejection of imports of glyphosates as well as GMO corn by 2024. “Will you raise these concerns at the upcoming USMCA meeting and pursue enforcement action if these issues remain unresolved?” Tai replied, “Yes.”

Tai said there are key issues related to the U.K. trade deal that must be resolved and that she is committed to working on new trade deals. “Our work is focused on looking at creating and maintaining reliable, transparent, sustainable market access for our agricultural producers.”

Tai says the USTR office is using every tool to make sure existing agreements work and have a positive impact on real people.