Renewable Fuels Association: “Let us help” with fuel shortage


Renewable Fuels Association: “Let us help” with fuel shortage

Renewable fuel leaders are calling on EPA to relax E15 regulations as the eastern seaboard struggles with a fuel shortage caused by the Colonial Pipeline closure.

“Our message is simple; Just let us help with this situation, let the ethanol industry help fill this void.”

RFA CEO Geoff Cooper tells Brownfield they have around 300 billion gallons of production capacity sitting idle that could quickly be used for higher blended fuels and he says many stations that carry E10 are already E15 compatible if they can temporarily skip “unnecessary hoops” in paperwork, pump labels and surveys.

“Allowing the immediate substitution of E15 for E10 would be a step to really ease pressure and alleviate any price spikes we might see.”

With the pipeline expected to reopen soon, he does not expect shortages to spread from the east coast but says prices will be impacted across the country. Cooper says disruptions from the pipeline shutdown that impact farmers will likely only last a couple of weeks.

“Here in the Midwest, we really haven’t seen any disruptions in supply or availability yet and hopefully we will be able to avoid the same situations they are seeing on the east coast today.”

Growth Energy also sent a letter to EPA Administrator Regan and Secretary of Energy Granholm requesting regulations be eased immediately.   

Interview with Geoff Cooper