Opportunities for students interested in the pork industry


Opportunities for students interested in the pork industry

Photo courtesy of the USPCE

Students interested in the swine industry have additional educational opportunities available to them through the US Pork Center of Excellence.  Program manager Chelsea Van Genderen says the Swine Research and Education Experience is looking to expand undergraduate and veterinary student participation in research and education projects to the swine industry. 

She tells Brownfield they’re also looking for Pork Information Gateway Editors.  PIG is a free, web-based library for the US pork industry that provides its partners with fact sheets, “how-to” guides, and other resources. 

The program was established in 2005 to bring a higher level of cooperation and collaboration between universities, the pork production industry, and the government.  The USPCE has established several programs that cover areas like research, teaching and extension like Swine Science Online and Destination Pork. 

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AUDIO: Chelsea Van Genderen, US Pork Center of Excellence