“Wine for All” in May


“Wine for All” in May

The Michigan Wine Collaborative is highlighting careers in the state’s $5.4 billion industry this May as part of Michigan Wine Month.

Executive director Emily Dockery tells Brownfield a major priority for their organization is to bring people into the industry who may have been historically excluded and enhance the sustainability of the sector.

“We’re focusing on all the amazing people in wine jobs from media, to tasting rooms to retail and restaurants, to winemakers and viticulturists,” she says.  “There is so much variety with jobs in the wine industry and there’s a lot of openings right now too.”

She says the coronavirus pandemic redirected wineries to increase digital marketing efforts and online sales with direct shipping becoming a lifeline for businesses this past year.

“Getting an online store I think is something that we should have already done so I think COVID was a bit of a kick in the pants and forced some wineries out of their comfort zone, but also forced them into a better profit margin,” she says.

She says this year’s wine month is focused on “Wine for All” to support the state’s 170 wineries and more than 47,000 people employed in the industry.

Dockery adds so far wine vineyards are faring well this growing season despite the cold weather with little frost damage reported to-date.