Landus creates optimization model for ag retailers


Landus creates optimization model for ag retailers

Iowa-based, farmer-owned cooperative Landus has launched a shared platform for ag retailers to partner and optimize their businesses and products.

As an alternative to traditional mergers and acquisitions, Landus says the Optimization Model allows participating companies to maintain independence, community presence and farmer relationships while optimizing logistics, technology, capital investments, employee talent and more through a shared platform and partnership.

Since Landus announced the model in April, three company’s have signed on including Snittjer Grain (Wellsburg, IA), NuWay-K&H Cooperative (Wesley, IA and Trimont, MN) and most recently, independent feed mill operator Mid State Milling (State Center, IA).

Landus CEO Matt Carstens says the diversity of the first three partners shows how widely applicable the model can be. 

Mid State Milling President Doug Reise says joining the Landus network of ag retail partners provides a powerful platform for generating more growth and value for their business and customers.

Landus says agreements cater to the strengths of each company and are developed on a case-by-case basis.