Investments in conservation and biofuels can help agriculture, climate


Investments in conservation and biofuels can help agriculture, climate

The president of Solutions from the Land says investments in conservation, infrastructure, and biofuels could help U.S. agriculture become more efficient and address climate change.

Ernie Shea says investments in existing conservation programs like Conservation Reserve Program, Conservation Stewardship Program, and Environmental Quality Incentives Program are a good place to start.

“We think investing in conservation technical assistance either through the Natural Resources Conservation Service or through supporting the development of more private sector technical service providers is going to be important to help farmers and ranchers manage their lands for multiple outcomes,” he says.

He tells Brownfield investing in infrastructure and biofuel policy can also benefit agriculture and the environment.

“If for instance the world is trying to reduce fossil fuel emissions, we have an opportunity as agriculture, particularly animal agriculture, to utilize the manure byproduct of livestock production in a way that captures methane emissions and uses those to replace fossil fuel natural gas so we have a renewable natural gas that we can deliver into the market that provides an immediate economic benefit for local communities and a climate benefit for the world,” he says. “Another example is investing in biofuel-enabling policies to ensure that our lower carbon fuels that we can produce with renewable feedstocks can be used to replace fossil fuels, or transportation fuels, as the electrification of mobility moves forward.”  

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