Best start to Michigan wheat in a long while


Best start to Michigan wheat in a long while

Farmers and agribusiness professionals across Michigan are tracking the state’s wheat crop through Michigan State University Extension’s “Wheat Watchers” report.

Dennis Pennington tells Brownfield progress reports are meant to periodically capture the development and management of wheat.

“They pay attention to things like weed problems, diseases, if you have frost and freezes, and those types of things,” he explains.

Pennington says there are some reports of powdery mildew and Septoria, but disease outbreaks have been minimal.

“So far we have not found any stripe rust although stripe rust is south of us and those spores do blow up on these southerly storm fronts, so we do have to keep paying attention to what’s going on in the south,” he shares.

Pennington says recent cold fronts have slowed down crop growth which is now advancing about on pace with average.