MO farmer about to finish planting


MO farmer about to finish planting

A northwest Missouri farmer is about to wrap up planting, Richard Oswald tells Brownfield his corn is in the ground and he has one more field of soybeans to go.

“About 100 acres to go and the beans will be planted,” he said. “For us, this is really early for soybeans because given the weather that we’ve had for the last several years, we may have had a few fields that we were still working to get done by the first of June.”

He said a weekend inch of rain in his area helped recharge the soil in what’s been a mostly dry spring. Oswald said soil temperatures have been cool causing a slow start for his corn.

“So far, we’ve had enough moisture in the soil to germinate things,” he said. “The first corn we planted is up and you can row it, but it took a long time to emerge; I think it took most of these corn fields about two weeks.

Oswald said he’s curious to see what summer brings with spring temperatures swinging from below 50 to 90.

Richard Oswald Interview