Minnesota farmer rolling newly planted soybean fields


Minnesota farmer rolling newly planted soybean fields

Farmers are busy spraying, scouting, and in some cases, rolling newly planted soybean fields.

Chad Willis of Willmar in central Minnesota spoke to Brownfield while pulling a roller across a 250-acre field Monday.

“Just getting it smoothed out, getting the rocks pushed down and making it a lot smoother. (It will be) a lot easier on the combine for harvest getting all the dirt clumps broken down and everything.”

Willis says he started rolling ground about 12 years ago.

“And like I said, it really reduces maintenance on the bean head. And you know, running extra dirt through the combine, that alone (is bad). And we’re blessed with rocks up here in central Minnesota, so (rolling) helps push the smaller (rocks) down so you don’t get them in the combine.”

Willis finished planting over the weekend and says besides rolling, there’s also some preemergence herbicide that needs to be applied.