U.S. fruit production and values down on the year


U.S. fruit production and values down on the year

The USDA says noncitrus fruit production in the U.S. declined an additional 10 percent last year following a range of weather issues from freezing temperatures to wildfire damages.

Bearing acreage was down two percent.  Total crop production was reported at 15.4 million pounds, with the largest production reported in grapes, apples and strawberries.

The value of the crop totaled $14.7 billion, down six percent from the year before. 

USDA’s Great Lakes Regional office says production of peaches increased during 2020 but declined for apples, tart cherries, and blueberries in Michigan. 

The state’s apple production totaled nearly 930 million pounds, down 13 percent from 2019, likely reduced following a May freeze.  The value of the crop totaled more than $270 million. 

Michigan tart cherry production was also impacted from freeze events, down nearly 60 percent to 69.3 million pounds last year with the crop valued at almost $32.7 million.  Marketing average prices were up 33 cents from 2019 to 47 cents.

Blueberry production in Michigan declined by about five percent nearly 74 million pounds.  Growers harvested more than 17,000 acres and received more than $75 million for the crop. 

Michigan peach production increased by 25 percent to more than 6,000 tons.