Nebraska farmer finishes corn, starts beans and awaits rain


Nebraska farmer finishes corn, starts beans and awaits rain

A eastern Nebraska farmer is finished planting corn but wants more from Mother Nature.

Quentin Connealy, who farms along the Missouri River near Tekamah, says when he started planting conditions were nearly ideal. “We had a fast and furious corn planting that we started April 23rd or April 25th. We had one little rain day in between only dropped about one-tenth but the sun never came out and we got done in about a week,” he says.

But now the Burt County grower tells Brownfield, it’s turned dry. “We kind of need a little more rain. We got to get the May showers and get done what we can. It’s getting fairly dry out here where it hasn’t rained,” Connealy says.

Connealy says temperatures are struggling to get above 70 with small chances of rain in the forecast. “It’s not really typical and I think it’s below average. I hope it warms up fast to get these plants out of the ground,” he says.

He says he started planting beans earlier this week and is already about one-third finished.

He says looking forward it’s important to, “keep doing some rain dances off and on and hopefully we have a good season, so we don’t have to fire up the sprinklers.”