Michigan field crops advancing nicely


Michigan field crops advancing nicely

Michigan State University Extension educators report field crops are doing well despite some cold nights the last few weeks during the planting season.

Soybean specialist Mike Staton says on-field research fields planted in March in Bay county were emerged when freezes took place the third week in April.

“They look beautiful,” he says.  “They made it through the freeze event even though there were nighttime temperatures as low as 26 to 28 degrees.”

The host farmer expects less to 10 percent damage to his crop.

Wheat specialist Dennis Pennington says the state’s wheat crop is doing well with recent cool temperatures.

“I’ve been traveling the wheat fields all over the state of Michigan and the growers that are working with me are telling me that this is the best-looking wheat crop that they’ve seen in many, many years,” he says.

Two-thirds of the state’s winter wheat crop was jointed in the latest USDA report which is the fastest the crop has advanced for this time of year in at least five years.

Both gave crop updates during this week’s MSU Extension Field Crops Virtual Breakfast.