Agronomist on decent planting season in Northwest Missouri


Agronomist on decent planting season in Northwest Missouri

An agronomist says it’s been a decent planting season for northwest Missouri. Brian Green with Dekalb/Asgrow tells Brownfield there have been a few hiccups but overall it’s been positive, “Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some rain that’s knocked it back a little bit. But, I would say in general, at least 90% if not more of the corn has been planted in northwest Missouri. They’re wrapping up and getting ready to move on to soybeans.”

He says about 15 to 30% of soybeans have been planted in northwest Missouri and ground conditions are ideal.

As for that freeze in April, he tells Brownfield, “For the most part, most of the corn was still in the ground trying to germinate. I’ve checked a lot of fields and I haven’t seen any damage to speak of. You know, it definitely slowed down emergence but it seems like everything is emerging fine and relatively even.”

If it turns drier, Green advises growers not to go too deep to find moisture and stick with a depth of 1-and-a-quarter to one-and-a-half inches.

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