Missouri climbs ranks for broadband access


Missouri climbs ranks for broadband access

Missouri Agriculture Director Chris Chinn says broadband access in the state has improved over the past two years when Missouri was ranked 48th.

“I think we’re actually number 32 and so we’re excited about that. If there’s one positive spot about COVID I think the attention that broadband has gotten has been that positive spot.”

Chinn says Missouri has not yet heard from the Biden Administration on its rural broadband policy priorities.

“I think they just have so many things going on right now that they haven’t had that opportunity to do that outreach. You know, it’s still early in this administration. We’re barely three months in. I do look for some outreach from them in the coming months ahead.”

Chinn continues to serve on the FCC Precision Ag Task Force which is working on providing access and improvements to broadband for agriculture and all of rural America.

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