Chinn says expiring tax credits likely to be renewed


Chinn says expiring tax credits likely to be renewed

Missouri’s Agriculture Director says important state tax credits for farmers and rural areas are likely to be renewed this legislative session.

Director Chris Chinn says she and her husband benefitted from the beginning farmer program credits in 1996.

“Because of that program, we were able to have a smaller down payment to purchase our farm and we also had a lower interest rate. Without that, Kevin and I probably would not have been able to purchase that farm and to get the start into agriculture that we’ve had.”

She says a lot of legislators had to be educated about the importance to rural areas of the Missouri Agricultural & Small Business Authority tax credits.

“A lot of people get concerned this time of year when their legislation hasn’t moved but we know the last few weeks of session is always extremely busy and a lot of action happens. So, we’re very hopeful that these tax credits are going to get renewed.”

Chinn and her husband have a farrow-to-finish sow operation and feed mill in northeast Missouri’s Shelby County. The Missouri legislative session ends May 14th.