Farmer describes better than expected conditions


Farmer describes better than expected conditions

Central Nebraska farmer Greg Greving says planting conditions in his area are better than they’ve been in years.

“We have a lot of ground in the Platte River Valley that hasn’t been able to be farmed for three years because of wet conditions and it was prevented planted, and we have crossed every acre this year so far that hasn’t been planted in the past three years,” he says.

He tells Brownfield despite having a dry winter and then receiving 11 inches of rain in a 10-day period in early April…”soil moisture is absolutely perfect for planting right now. We were going to start our pivot-irrigation system this week to put water on there to activate herbicides and aid in germination, but we didn’t need to run it because we got a little rain last night.”

Greving and his two sons raise corn, seed corn, soybeans, white corn, and popcorn in Chapman.