Minnesota farmer planting 50th crop


Minnesota farmer planting 50th crop

A southern Minnesota farmer is planting his 50th crop.

Jerry Demmer of Clarks Grove characterizes the changes he’s seen in farming as “all for the better” and points to conservation tillage as a reason why.

“How the farmers have grasped that and taken ahold in trying to hold down the soil erosion. And the next one would be technology.”

He tells Brownfield autosteer and variable rate applications have been game changers.

“My father who has been gone for a while now, if he was able to come back for a day he would say ‘really, you don’t have to drive this tractor from one end of the field to the other?’ Those things are the two major changes in farming I would say that have been just unbelievable.”

Demmer says out of the 49 prior crop years, this spring reminds him most of 2012 because of similar early starts and excellent planting conditions.