Soybean researcher warns against planting too deep


Soybean researcher warns against planting too deep

A soybean researcher is warning farmers not to plant too deep, even if the soil is dry right now.

Shawn Conley with the University of Wisconsin soybean program says, “Farmers like to push that seed into moisture, but if that’s talking three inches deep, that might not be the best idea.”

Conley tells Brownfield farmers are better off getting the planting depth right. “We really don’t want farmers pushing that soybean seed two-and-a-half or three inches deep because it’s dry, and then all of the sudden get a driving crust rain, and then we’ll be replanting, so put it in about an inch or inch-and-a-quarter where we normally plant it and wait for it to rain.”

Conley says dry seed in the soil is better than dry seed in the sack, because it is already in the ground, so he’s advising farmers to, set planters for normal depth and get rolling.