South Dakota farmer looking for ‘a great year’


South Dakota farmer looking for ‘a great year’

A northeastern South Dakota farmer is in the field after a couple of inches of rain. Spring wheat was in the week before Easter and the ground has just become fit to work for row crops, according to Jamie Johnson.

“We’re just starting corn today,” Johnson told Brownfield Ag News Wednesday. “Everybody’s just starting to get out and scratch stuff, the field conditions are looking really good and soil temperature’s coming up and I think everybody’s ready.”

Johnson, a no-till farmer with her husband Brian near the small town of Frankfurt, South Dakota, is not concerned about subsoil moisture depleted when a dry spell hit late last summer.

“There are a lot of areas that are dried up from wet years that haven’t been planted for a long time; some people are happy to see that too,” said Johnson. “I think it’s just like every year, you always want what you don’t have.”

By late May, Johnson, a director with the South Dakota Soybean Association, will plant soybeans into a green ryegrass cover crop.

“It looks like a great spring,” she concluded, “I hope I turns into a great year.”