Kebotix, Bayer partner to accelerate ag innovations


Kebotix, Bayer partner to accelerate ag innovations

Bayer Crop Science and technology company Kebotix have announced a collaboration to accelerate the delivery of crop protection tools to farmers worldwide. 

Jill Becker, CEO and founder of Kebotix says they want to improve the way research and development is done.  “We want to take the serendipity out of science,” she says.  “What our AI tools allow us to do is speed up the discovery and also increase the yield of some chemical reactions.”

She tells Brownfield the collaboration comes at a time when farmers around the globe are losing up to 50 percent of their crops if fields aren’t protected against weeds, insects, and diseases.  “We’re both into developing really novel crop protection solutions,” she says. “This is really to our core.  It’s a mutual partnership where we both believe what we’re delivering at the end is a benefit to mankind and in this case farmers worldwide.”

David Bernier, Science Fellow with Bayer Crop Science R&D Disease Control Chemistry says this collaboration would enable Bayer chemist to deliver faster innovative solutions to better serve agriculture.  He says the AI-augmented automated infrastructures have the potential to provide a new scale of support to unlock challenging chemistries. 

AUDIO: Jill Becker, Kebotix