Farmer says higher crop prices long overdue


Farmer says higher crop prices long overdue

The president of the Illinois Corn Growers Association says if crop prices stay where they are it can’t help but be a banner year for farmers.

Randy DeSutter tells Brownfield Ag News, “Who would have thought corn would be $5 and $6 dollars and beans would be $15.00? So farmers have got a really good chance this year to have a profitable year which is kind of long overdue without any kind of government help.”

He says it’s a surprising turnaround from this time a year ago.

“I mean, corn was barely over $3.00 and now it’s getting close to $7.00 (chuckle) so it’s just hard to believe.”

DeSutter grows corn and soybeans in northwest Illinois’ Knox County. He finished planting his corn last weekend and started soybeans this week.