RFA president says two biofuels bills would help the industry immediately


RFA president says two biofuels bills would help the industry immediately

The president of the Renewable Fuels Association says the two biofuels bills introduced in Congress Wednesday would help the renewable fuels industry immediately. Geoff Cooper says, “Oh, it absolutely would. It would authorize 500-million dollars over five years for grants for fuel retailers and marketers to put in the infrastructure capable of dispensing higher-level blends.”

Cooper tells Brownfield the Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Investment and Market Expansion Act expands upon past successful USDA infrastructure programs. “We’ve seen the fruits of that labor. It does pay off, and it does result in more gallons of renewable fuels being sold.”

He says the other bill would force the EPA to adopt the Department of Energy’s more modern and accurate GREET or Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation model for evaluating ethanol and biodiesel carbon emissions.  Cooper says the Adopt GREET Act can also help prove corn-based ethanol deserves the same carbon credit levels as sugar cane ethanol in California.

Cooper says both bills were introduced before the pandemic, but he believes lawmakers are now more interested in them after recent small refinery waiver issues and the Biden administration’s push for low-carbon fuels.

RFA President & CEO Geoff Cooper discusses the two new biofuels bills introduced this week with Brownfield’s Larry Lee 3/4/21