Ag equipment executives: Bringing connectivity up to speed with ag tech


Ag equipment executives: Bringing connectivity up to speed with ag tech

Ag equipment executives support the push for better connectivity so farmers can advance their technology.

Looking at the next 20 years, David Gilmore with John Deere says there is significant potential for advancement in the ag equipment sector.

“We will be looking at artificial intelligence, machine learning, improved sensors, robotics. We have some of that now, but in 20 years our farmers are going to be better equipped to leverage not just human to machine communication, but machine to machine communication.”

But Todd Stucke with Kubota agrees there are some fundamental infrastructure problems to solve first.

“If we switch our industry over to electric, do we have the grid out there to power it during the busy season? What happens if it goes down during planting, what are we going to do? What is the backup?”

Bill Hurley with AGCO says broadband access is essential for the ag equipment industry to move forward.

“The future of agriculture and its success it going to be more dependent on insuring that is in place almost more than any other industry out there.”

Speaking for the group, Gilmore says they are fully behind all efforts to increase broadband and other infrastructure because the ag equipment industry cannot advance without it.

Gilmore, Stucke and Hurley were speakers on an executive roundtable along with Scott Harris from Case IH during the 2021 Commodity Classic.