NMPF vaccine toolbox guides farmers through requirements


NMPF vaccine toolbox guides farmers through requirements

A spokesperson for the National Milk Producers Federation says confusion can vary by state or even amongst counties for when for COVID vaccines will be available for essential food and ag workers.

“There are 50 states and they each have different plans for distributing vaccines.”

Theresa Sweeney-Murphy tells Brownfield plans and timelines for distribution range from leaving out agricultural workers altogether while others are in flux.

“Of the top ten dairy states, California and Michigan are the only states where food and ag workers are currently eligible for vaccines unless they meet other qualifications,” she explains.

She says a new toolbox from their organization aims to answer COVID questions specific to agriculture and help farmers and processors navigate the continually changing eligibility requirements.

“The cows don’t take a break, people don’t stop eating, so these operations much continue,” she says.  “Agricultural workers just like other essential workers are at an increased risk of getting and spreading COVID-19, so even if you’ve had COVID-19 and you’ve recovered, you should be vaccinated.”

NMPF has been offering Coronavirus Dairy Toolboxes throughout the pandemic to help guide farmers through COVID resources and related support programs.