NASDA supports higher THC limit of hemp


NASDA supports higher THC limit of hemp

The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture has adopted policy in support of amending the 2018 farm bill definition of hemp to increase the legal THC limit.  

NASDA President Ryan Quarles says increasing the allowed THC level of hemp from .3 percent to 1 percent will give growers more flexibility.

“This upcoming industry can benefit from greater flexibility to thrive,” he says. “Many of us are still analyzing the recently published federal rule but expanding the definition equal to or less than 1 percent THC, we can give farmers more certainty that there crops will be able to make it to market.”

CEO Barb Glenn says the policy adopted by NASDA calls on congress to make this change.

“We’re going to have to work with Capitol Hill in order to affect that change but we see this as a game changer for the industry in helping advance the interests of growers and ultimately consumers who want these products,” she says.

State ag directors, secretaries, and commissioners voted on policy during the recent NASDA Winter Policy Conference.