Positioning ag as a critical climate solution


Positioning ag as a critical climate solution

Commodity groups agree they must position themselves as a critical climate solution. Group leaders, at the opening session of the virtual 2021 Commodity Classic, say farmers are already very strong on sustainability practices and will play a big role in climate change mitigation.

John Linder, president of the National Corn Growers Association says it’s part of their policy, “We have a push for market-based, voluntary opportunities for farmers to provide carbon reduction benefits. You know, and opportunities to contribute based on carbon offsets and carbon sequestration through production.”

Kody Carson with National Sorghum Producers says sustainability isn’t the only thing, “To be preaching sustainability to farmers is preaching to the choir.”

He says working together is key, “I think that we all in agriculture have to band together. We have to be unified and we have to be at the table in these discussions.”

Kevin Scott, president of American Soybean Association, says he believes farming’s sustainability will be recognized, “This administration will push that towards us that sustainability is going to be a focus.”