Commodity Classic is underway


Commodity Classic is underway

The 2021 special edition of Commodity Classic begins today.

American Soybean Association Vice President Brad Doyle, co-chair of Commodity Classic, says the virtual format will allow more farmers to participate.  

“Not everybody can travel each year due to weather and prior commitments, but this should allow everyone to attend—farmers and non-farmers alike,” he says. “…we can have international visitors that we’ve never had before. We can introduce people that are not corn and soybean growers who never really could justify going to classic but there’s a lot for them to learn as well and I think that’s one of the real advantages to this open platform.”

Jennifer Blackburn is the vice president of communications with the National Sorghum Producers.

“Commodity Classic and our partner organizations that help put on this event have been working really hard to provide farmers with that same great level of education opportunities and networking,” she says. “Obviously, we want to do that in person, but I think they’ve put together a really great program for this year’s Commodity Classic.”

Commodity Classic is presented annually by the National Corn Growers Association, American Soybean Association, National Association of Wheat Growers, National Sorghum Producers, and Association of Equipment Manufacturers.

Audio: Brad Doyle

Audio: Jennifer Blackburn