FFA Week Proclamation delivered on tractor


FFA Week Proclamation delivered on tractor

Governor Parson drove a tractor to the Capitol Thursday to make a point and a proclamation. The governor, along with Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe, made the commute from the Governor’s Mansion to the Missouri State Capitol in two shiny new John Deeres to proclaim this as National FFA Week. The governor also spoke to Missouri State FFA Officers, saying that they have to tell agriculture’s story.

“They’ve got to tell the importance of it and why we do what we do,” Governor Parson told Brownfield Ag News after arriving at the Capitol, “but more important, why we’re trying to do it efficiently, being good stewards of the land.”

The symbolism of the governor driving a tractor to the Capitol is important for agriculture education, said Justin Eddy, Missouri State FFA President.

“Through agricultural education and FFA, students are able to gain career skills and life skills that they’ll use even if they don’t pursue a career in the ag industry,” Eddy told Brownfield at the Capitol, “and the governor being with us today, driving this tractor to the Capitol is really symbolizing how important that is, not only to him, but also to our state.”

Governor Parson – a Southwest Missouri farmer – told Brownfield no special instruction was necessary prior to the short trip.

“No, I don’t need any instruction to drive a tractor,” Governor Parson told Brownfield, “I got that down.”

AUDIO: Governor Mike Parson
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