Ag groups congratulate Vilsack on Ag Secretary confirmation


Ag groups congratulate Vilsack on Ag Secretary confirmation

Several ag groups are expressing congratulations and eagerness to work with newly confirmed US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.

National Corn Growers Association President John Linder tells Brownfield he recently gifted a stone paper weight to Vilsack following his professional mantra to “leave no stone unturned”.

“He proudly is displaying it on his desk and his comment back was ‘I will use it as a reminder of who I serve.’ So it doesn’t get any better than that, to have the number one advocate for agriculture wanting to remember exactly where his base is.”

NASDA CEO barb Glenn says they are especially enthusiastic to work with Vilsack on shared priorities including protecting the food supply chain, advancing diversity and inclusion in agriculture, building markets and promoting science-based solutions to climate challenges.

Kurt Kovarick with the National Biodiesel Board says they appreciate Vilsack’s commitment to the Renewable Fuel Standard and look forward to working with him to ensure renewable fuels continue to be key components in climate change mitigation efforts.

North American Meat Institute President Julie Anna Potts says they stand ready to work alongside Vilsack in efforts to get frontline food and ag workers vaccinated as soon as possible, feed American families, and keep the farm economy working.