Nebraska Ag Expo expecting more than 100 new vendors


Nebraska Ag Expo expecting more than 100 new vendors

The second largest ag expo in the country is still expecting a strong turnout next week in Lincoln, Nebraska despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

And Nebraska Ag Expo Show Director Tom Junge said several new exhibitors are attending the expo this year.  

“We have about 102, I think it is, new exhibitors now,” he said. “So, there’s going to be plenty of things for people to see at the show.”

He tells Brownfield the expo will feature a wide range of ag technologies…

“We’re farming more down to the inch,” Junge said. “Either in strip tilling and working in that area than the whole field. Or monitoring crops, instead of doing one soil test, we’re doing multiple soil analyses.

Junge said he’s expecting visitors from Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and other surrounding states. The expo will take place February 23 – 25. Interested parties can learn more on the Nebraska Ag Expo’s website.

Tom Junge Interview