MO essential ag workers inching closer to vaccine


MO essential ag workers inching closer to vaccine

The Missouri ag director says about 10 percent of the state’s residents have received the COVID-19 vaccine so far.

Chris Chinn tells Brownfield the vaccination plan is now in tier two of phase one…

“Which is our high-risk population,” Chinn said. “Those who are 65 years of age and older or have an underlying health condition. They’re able to get their vaccine right now.”

She said while the vaccine’s rollout is going slower than hoped…

“We are hopeful that in the days and weeks ahead that this will improve especially as more manufactures of the vaccine get approved to go to market,” Chinn said.

Chinn said state leaders are making sure the vaccine reaches both urban and rural areas. Food and essential agriculture workers are part of tier three of phase one.

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