Acting FSA administrator on CRP enrollment extension


Acting FSA administrator on CRP enrollment extension

The USDA has suspended the deadline for general Conservation Reserve Program sign-up indefinitely. FSA Acting Administrator Steve Peterson explains why, “Ultimately, with the new administration coming in, they wanted to evaluate CRP participation and enrollment and they wanted to identify ways that they may be able to encourage enrollment for CRP.”

Peterson tells Brownfield Ag News the 2018 Farm Bill has an acreage cap of 25 million acres for 2021 which is now at 20.8 million acres.

Peterson says the administration wants to see if there are any discretionary changes the Ag Secretary could make to encourage sign-up, “This administration, I think, has been very outward facing associated to their priorities and one of the priorities with regard to USDA and the Secretary is carbon sequestration, water quality, soil erosion.”

Peterson says CRP really supports those efforts. Signup is possible online through Farm Service Agency offices. The original deadline of February 12th has been suspended.

Interview with Steve Peterson about CRP, ARC & PLC signup, below: