Iowa Ag Secretary Naig talks state budget, ag priorities


Iowa Ag Secretary Naig talks state budget, ag priorities

Iowa’s Ag Secretary is not concerned about state budget constraints tempting legislators to dip into funds farmers depend on.

Mike Naig tells Brownfield Iowa entered 2020 with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation, a budget surplus, and a full rainy-day fund.

“So in the state of Iowa, we’re talking about how to make strategic investments in things like education and broadband, and becoming even more tax competitive. As opposed to some of our neighboring states and other states in the country that are talking about what they have to cut.”

He says Iowa is in a position of growth during the current legislative session.

“So when I think about agriculture, of course there’s going to be (and always is) a good conversation around continuing to support our water quality and soil health efforts. There’s (also) going to be a very good conversation around renewable fuels, and how do we increase demand and accessibility of higher blends of ethanol and biodiesel.”

Naig says proposed broadband investments would also help Iowa farmers, as well as Iowans all across the state.