USDA extends General Signup period for CRP


USDA extends General Signup period for CRP

The USDA has extended the General Signup period for the Conservation Reserve Program.

The Department’s Robert Bonnie says by extending the original deadline of February 12th, the Biden administration will have time to evaluate and implement changes to get this neglected program back on track.

USDA will continue to accept offers as it considers ways to increase enrollment, and provide the opportunity for landowners to adjust or resubmit offers to take advantage of planned CRP improvements.

Under the previous administration, Bonnie says incentives and payment rental rates were reduced, resulting in an enrollment shortfall of more than 4 million acres.

General CRP is a competitive program that uses an environmental benefit index to evaluate and rank land offered for enrollment.

The CRP Grasslands signup runs March 15th through April 23rd, and continuous signup is ongoing.