COVID disrupts some propane deliveries


COVID disrupts some propane deliveries

Some propane deliveries have been disrupted because of the COVID pandemic, but Mike Newland with the Propane Education and Research Council tells Brownfield there is plenty of the fuel available.

“To say that things are going perfectly in every geography or every ZIP code in the country, I think, I couldn’t say that today,” Newland told Brownfield Ag News Thursday. “But what I can say is that we’ve got supply.”

Propane stocks are lower than normal, says Newland, but not unusually low, considering the season. The next couple of weeks are going to be cold, meaning greater propane usage, making it a good idea to let propane suppliers know what’s needed, he says.

“Conversations in situations like this tend to be very good and very fruitful for both sides,” said Newland, “so I’m sure your local propane supplier would be happy to hear from you and just talk, through the next couple of weeks here especially.”

The propane industry, said Newland, keeps a close eye on logistical and supply issues during times of high demand.

AUDIO: Mike Newland