National Biodiesel Board leans in to state regulatory efforts


National Biodiesel Board leans in to state regulatory efforts

National Biodiesel Board CEO Donnell Rehagen says states across the country are embracing sustainable fuels to address climate change, which is why NBB is focusing on state regulatory efforts.

“We’ve really tried to take advantage of those opportunities that are coming up and put a little more emphasis and focus at the state level,” he says.

He tells Brownfield states are sending signals of growth and demand for cleaner-burning fuels.

“In the past we may have relied heavily on the federal government, whether that be in the form of a tax credit or the RFS, to send those signals of growth to our industry and we are now seeing those same signals being sent by a multitude of states,” He says. “About 10 years ago there was two or three or four states that had any sort of carbon policy or efforts underway, today more than half of the states have aggressive policies and goals they’re pursing.”  

Rehagen says the biodiesel industry has a role to play in helping states reach carbon reduction goals. He says there’s no reason to wait for a technology or infrastructure to develop to address the problem because biodiesel and renewable diesel are available in the marketplace right now.

NBB, headquartered in Jefferson City, Missouri, has expanded operations to include offices in Sacramento and Boston.