DIRECT Act could put meat on par with craft beer


DIRECT Act could put meat on par with craft beer

Congressman Dusty Johnson (R SD) told reporters Thursday that passage of a measure allowing state inspected meat to be sold across state lines direct to consumers through e-commerce could put meat on par with craft beer.

“I think Americans love meat as much as they love beer,” said the GOP lawmaker, after refiling the DIRECT Act that he co-sponsors with Congressman Henry Cuellar (D TX). “It wouldn’t be hard to imagine a new suite of products coming to the market if the marketplace was a bit more open for these state inspected processors.”

Johnson concedes it’s hard for such a bill to get traction among the thousands introduced every year. He says it could be successfully paired with mandatory price reporting.

“More importantly, we’re not all that far away from the next farm bill,” said Johnson. “I think there should be a livestock title within that farm bill, and I think something like this would fit well, potentially, in that.”

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