Sheep, lamb, goat inventories decline


Sheep, lamb, goat inventories decline

The USDA says the U.S. sheep, lamb, and goat inventory declined from 2020 to 2021.

All sheep and lambs in the U.S. were 1% lower at 5.2 million head, with 1% decreases for the breeding inventory and ewes one year and older, while market sheep and lambs were unchanged. The lamb crop was 1% lower, but the lambing rate held steady. Shorn wool production was 4% lower at just over 23 million pounds, with a total value of $38.4 million, 15% less than the 2019 total of $45.4 million.

All goats and kids fell 3% to 2.6 million head, with the breeding inventory and does one year and older both down 3%, while the kid crop was up 1%. Meat and all other goats were down 2%, with milk goats 3% lower and Angora goats down 10%. Mohair production was 589,000 pounds with total value of $2.99 million.