MO farmer is runner-up at national discussion meet


MO farmer is runner-up at national discussion meet

A Missouri farmer won runner-up at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s national Discussion Meet.

Clarissa Cauthorn tells Brownfield the discussion meet was a great opportunity to compete and make new connections.

“I got to sit and talk to folks from Texas and Idaho, Florida, Minnesota, all over the United States that do things differently not only in agriculture but in their communities,” she said.

The discussion meet focused on challenges and key topics within agriculture like trade and rural broadband.

The Mexico, Missouri farmer said while her parents didn’t farm, she gained her passion for agriculture through her grandparents and ag teachers.

“If there is an ag teacher in this state that doesn’t feel like they’re making an impact on kids, they’re wrong,” Cauthorn said. “I had some ag teachers that did an excellent job pushing me in the right directions in the regaurds of to excel.”

Cauthorn said events like AFBF’s discussion meet help individuals develop skills needed to be leaders both within and outside of agriculture.  This year’s meet was held virtually.