Sustainability can pay


Sustainability can pay

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With all the focus on sustainability in agriculture – one of the questions is, can it pay for practices that benefit the environment?

The Nature Conservancy has partnered with American Farm Bureau to help producers reach sustainability goals. The Conservancy’s Dayna Gross says they look for incentives, risk and mitigation to help farmers, but also the R-O-I, “What are the economics of the return on investment for certain practices? We try not to be prescriptive but it’s sure helpful when you can point to practices and say this is going to pay off in three years or two years or one year or whenever.”

Jack Scott with Nestle says technology is the key to sustainability and a huge opportunity for farmers, “I am watching, right now, so much going into technologies – developing technologies and so forth related to finding ways to support the farmer, make things more profitable, improve productivity.”

Scott says the lack of accurate measurements of sustainability and the need to scale up those practices are among the challenges agriculture faces.

Gross and Scott spoke at the recent virtual convention of the American Farm Bureau.