ASF cases rising in parts of the world


ASF cases rising in parts of the world

A recent report from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) says African swine fever infection rates in parts of the world have been on the rise.

Paul Sundberg is the director of the Swine Health Information Center.  “There’s a lot of cases of ASF in Romania,” he says.  “Russia continues to have breaks in different spots, so they have biosecurity issues as well.”

He tells Brownfield Poland and Germany continue to struggle to contain the disease.  “Poland has ASF in their feral swine population as well as in some commercial production,” he says.  “Those wild boars have moved across the border from Western Poland to Eastern Germany.  And that’s a concern for Germany as they now have four different spots where they have wild boars that are infected.”

And despite the rise in ASF cases, Sundberg says Germany has yet to see the disease break in commercial herds.