Phosphate fertilizer issue continues


Phosphate fertilizer issue continues

OCP North America has launched a website to raise awareness about the damage it thinks US farmers could face because of preliminary countervailing duties on Moroccan and Russian phosphate fertilizer imports.

Kerry McNamara is the CEO of OCP North America, a company that imports fertilizers from Morocco. “We have been serving US farmers, until this issue came up, trying to give them a reliable steady supply of phosphate fertilizers,” he says. “We’ve never sought to dominate any of those markets, and we don’t dominate any of those markets, but we’re blessed and happy to be one of many players.”

Kevin Kimm, vice president of commercial at OCP North America, says it’s critical for US farmers to have a reliable supply of phosphate fertilizers.

“It’s important that farmers have an adequate supply of phosphate fertilizers to allow them to be competitive globally with the Brazilian farmer, ensure there is fair competition, and ensure that their input costs are top of mind,” he says.

Kimm says farmers shouldn’t have to worry about tariffs, a limited supply of fertilizers, and increased costs.

OCP North America launched to give farmers an opportunity to learn more about the issue.

“This is not about us,” McNamara says. “We’re a global company and we love being in the US market and we love our relationship with US farmers and their suppliers…so we wanted to raise awareness about how damaging these threatened import-killing duties would be to Americans farmers.”

The Mosaic company, the largest US phosphate fertilizer producer, filed a petition with the US Department of Commerce and US International Trade Commission requesting an investigation into unfair practices.

McNamara says OCP North America is encouraged that the US Department of Commerce rejected claims calling for even higher duties on Moroccan imports.

Audio: Kerry McNamara and Kevin Kimm