Biodiesel is ready to meet demand, low-carbon challenges


Biodiesel is ready to meet demand, low-carbon challenges

The CEO of the National Biodiesel Board says despite the challenges caused the pandemic, there has been increased demand for biodiesel and renewable diesel.    

Donnell Rehagen tells Brownfield several factors have contributed to increased demand.

“With everybody bottled up at home and with Amazon orders flying off the shelves, there’s still a lot great demand for moving product around this country and that’s generally done on diesel platforms, whether it’s over the road trucks or rail or whatever,” he says.

And from a policy standpoint, he says several states have embraced the role renewable fuels have to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Whether it’s California or Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Colorado, or the northeast, the states are getting very aggressive about their carbon reduction policies. We have heard of a couple of states- California and New York issuing executive orders to outlaw, in the future, internal combustion engines,” he says. “They are literally not letting anything stop them from their goals of reducing carbon and with biodiesel and renewable diesel, you couldn’t have two better liquid fuels out there in the transportation and heating industry to help accomplish goals like that.”  

Just last year, NBB unveiled plans to deliver more biodiesel and see the industry grow to six billion gallons by 2030, and, with advancements in feedstocks, 15 billion gallons by 2050.

Rehagen says the industry is on track to meet that goal.

Brownfield spoke to Rehagen during the virtual National Biodiesel Conference and Expo. The event concludes on Thursday.

Audio: Donnell Rehagen