New campaign highlights pork producers commitment to the environment


New campaign highlights pork producers commitment to the environment

The National Pork Producers Council is showcasing US pork producers’ long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship with its new Farming Today for Tomorrow campaign.

Minnesota pork producer Lori Stevermer says producers are continually working to reduce their environmental impact.  “Compared to 50-years ago, we use 76 percent less land, 25 percent less water, and 7 percent less energy to produce pigs,” she says.  “And during that time we went from 12 billion pounds of pork to 24 billion, so we’re doing more with less.”

She tells Brownfield they have a more efficient and productive farm because they’re able to utilize the manure from their pigs for their corn and soybean crops.  “With the manure, we use that, we test it and see the nutrient capabilities of the manure,” she says.  “We are testing our soil, we are looking at our crops so we have a balance there, because that manure is an asset to us.”

Climate change is expected to be one of the top priorities for the incoming Biden Administration and Stevermer says now is the perfect time to highlight what pork producers are doing to reduce their environmental footprint.  “We welcome being part of that conservation to showcase what we are doing,” she says.  “Because whether it is now, in the past, or in the future, it is very important.  We all care about land and water.”

According to the National Pork Producers Council, US pork production is only responsible for just 0.4% of total greenhouse gas emissions. 

AUDIO: Lori Stevermer, Minnesota pork producer