Mo Soy and Mo Corn support transportation tax increase


Mo Soy and Mo Corn support transportation tax increase

The Missouri Soybean Association and Missouri Corn Growers Association support an increase in the state’s fuel tax this legislative session.

Casey Wasser, with Missouri Soybean, points out Missouri is 47th in the nation for road funding but is 7th in the number of miles maintained by the state.

“We need better roads and bridges, we need to make that investment and we think we could accomplish both of those things through the incentive package with a fuel tax increase.”

Samantha Davis, with Missouri Corn Growers, tells Brownfield Ag News, “It’s just been a hard road, no pun intended, to try and get some of this transportation funding done. Governor Parson went to bat on some of the bridge funding last year that went into place and we’re glad to see that move but there’s got to be more solutions.”

Davis says many lawmakers are looking at a fuel tax increase with a rebate option for Missouri citizens, similar to the one in South Carolina. Wasser says nearly half of Missouri’s fuel taxes are paid by out of state residents.

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