Is the ag equipment sector falling behind in ecommerce?


Is the ag equipment sector falling behind in ecommerce?

The founder of an online marketplace for construction parts and equipment says the ag equipment industry could be falling behind in digital commerce.

Luke Powers with compares the situation to Walmart in the year 2000.

“Walmart saw Amazon as an online book seller. There was no reason to fear them, right? Walmart has since woken up and are a lot more digital friendly today, but I think looking back it is pretty clear that Walmart would have approached digital commerce much more quickly.”

He tells Brownfield the ag equipment industry was built on relationships and communication, so the solution should encompass that.

“It should be seamless for equipment owners to procure the parts they need at the best value. We believe in surfacing all of these great suppliers to fleet owners to make their lives easier, so they don’t have to make 17 to 20 different calls and go to all these different websites.”

Powers says it is better for ag equipment manufacturers and dealers to invest in digital commerce solutions now, before falling behind other sectors and competitors.

Interview with Luke Powers