MO Cattlemen’s hosts 53rd annual conference


MO Cattlemen’s hosts 53rd annual conference

The Missouri Cattlemen’s Association hosted its 53 annual convention last weekend making it the first major livestock convention in the state since March. MCA President-Elect Patty Wood said the convention allowed the cattle community to share their experiences during the pandemic.

“By being able to come together, we’re able to talk about the things that we do everyday and to get to see the people,” Wood said. “As cattlemen, we’ve been working on our farms even through this pandemic.”

She tells Brownfield the convention also had educational value to attendees.

“We continue to have to learn,” Wood said. “Things change, age – we’ve got young people. We need to always be thinking about, you know, theres risk management. [There were] so many good topics that we had to talk about and it’s just good to come back and get a refresher course if nothing else.”

The convention was also used to set Missouri Cattlemen’s priorities for 2021 including eminent domain and price discovery.

Patty Wood Interview